Principal Investigator/Owner - Leah D. Rogers

B.A. (Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1978) and M.A. (Anthropology, Michigan State University, 1985). Qualifies as a Principal Investigator in Archaeological, Architectural History, and Historical studies per the Secretary of the Interior’s professional standards. Serves as Project Manager providing project oversight, quality control, and contract management; conducts historical research; completes archaeological and architectural/historical evaluations, report writing, and proposals; completes NRHP and NHL nominations; works with project volunteers for grant-funded and other studies; provides public presentations on archaeological and architectural/historical projects and topics; assists with historic preservation grant writing; and participates in the TAN for archaeology and architectural/historical projects.

Project Archaeologist - Cindy L. Nagel

B.A. (Anthropology, University of Iowa, 1997) and M.A. in progress (Cultural Resources Management, St. Cloud University). Has been on staff at Tallgrass since 2008. Nagel serves as Field Director in all levels of investigation and as Project Archaeologist completing project proposals, project and site analysis/evaluation, and project reports.

Project Historian - Ray Werner
B.A. (History and International Studies, with a minor in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Interpretation, Loras College, 2011) and M.A. (History, University of Northern Iowa, 2015). Werner previously worked as a part-time field assistant for Tallgrass from 2009-2012 and is a new addition in 2017 as a part-time Research Associate conducting historical research and assisting in archaeological and architectural/historical field investigations and report writing.

Project Assistant - Dan McCullough

B.A. (History with a minor in Anthropology, Marquette University, 1998). Assists with all levels of field investigation and post-field artifact processing as well as general project and office assistance.

Project Assistant - Lisa Goffstein
A.A.S. (Parks and Natural Resources, Kirkwood Community College, 1986; also, attended Mt. Mercy College as a Biology major and Prescott college for Environmental Science). Assists with all levels of field investigation, post-field artifact analysis, and curation activities.

Research Assistants, Ashlynn Brown, Addison Marsengill, and Jeb Rosebrook are recent graduates of the University of Iowa’s Anthropology program. Brown, Marsengill, and Rosebrook assist with archaeology and architectural/historical field investigations, research, and post-field processing activities.


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