• Completing Phase IA assessment, Phase I intensive survey, Phase II site testing, and Phase III data recovery-level archaeological investigations;


  • Completing Reconnaissance, Intensive Survey and Evaluation, and Recordation-level Architectural/Historical investigations;


  • Writing and supervising the graphic design of historical publications as part of Data Recovery/Recordation-level projects;


  • Evaluating historic properties (architectural, historical, and archaeological) using the integrity considerations and significance criteria of the National Register of Historic Places;


  • Assisting in the preparation and execution of Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) and Programmatic Agreements (PAs);


  • Preparing Multiple Property cover documents and National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nominations for grant-funded studies, county and city governments, and private individuals;


  • Preparing National Historic Landmark (NHL) nominations;


  • Assisting with historic preservation grant writing; and


  • Consulting through the Technical Advisory Network (TAN) for archaeology and architectural history projects through the State Historical Society of Iowa.


Archaeology  LLC